Fuelman Maintenance

Fuelman is proud to announce the launch of Fuelman Maintenance - an all-in-one, cost-saving, fleet maintenance solution.

Pro and Enterprise
Fuel Card Customers

Fuelman Maintenance is included in your plan. Select Get Started and sign in using the credential emails to your account owner.

All other
Fuelman Customers

Add Fuelman Maintenance to your account to simplify and save on maintenance. Just $2.99/card per month!



Manage fuel and maintenance with a single integrated solution.

Pay with one account, one invoice for both fuel and maintenance. Enhance efficiency with a single easy-to-navigate hub.


Schedule, approve, and pay using one online tool.

Replace spreadsheets with digital tracking and notifications. Facilitate timely, cost-effective maintenance with the mobile app.


Clear Savings

See pricing and discounts
up front.

Enjoy discounts to to 40%.* View pricing before scheduling. Pay only for services you approve.

* Based on nationwide survey conducted by CarAdvise in Q1 2021. Discounts based on locations and on service. Click to download report.


Choose from over 25,000 locations.

Select services from the nationwide network.
Add preferred repair shops as needed. Get reliable, personable support.



Fuelman Maintenance is included in our Plus, Premium, Pro, and Enterprise packages.


Available as an add-on for selected customer segments.

Included In Packages:

Plus, Premium, Pro, Enterprise

Add-on for $2.99 per card per month:

Customers on Regular packages Customers not on a package product

Add-on for $4.99 per enrolled vehicle per month:

Customers on the Basic package