Fuelman Maintenance FAQ

About Fuelman Maintenance FAQ

What are the benefits to my company?

Fuelman Maintenance is an all-in-one fleet management solution that lets you manage fleet fuel expenses and fleet maintenance and repair functions all in the same place. By having an integrated fleet maintenance management solution, your company will save time and money. In addition, you’ll save time communicating with the shop, negotiating prices, and reviewing recommended shop services. Robust reporting will give you insights on how much you are spending on maintenance while also ensuring your drivers are properly maintaining their vehicles in order to avoid costly repairs down the road. Plus, you’ll be able to charge and pay for maintenance in the same place that you pay for fuel — right there on your Fuelman fuel card — one card, one invoice.

How much will this save me?

On average, fleets can save up to 25% off retail prices through discounted fleet labor rates and service pricing.

What shops can I take my vehicle to?

The network is continuously growing and currently includes Firestone, NTB, Meineke, Tire Kingdom, Tires Plus, AAMCO, Jiffy Lube, Monro, Tire Choice, Mr. Tire, and thousands of independent repair shops nationwide.

How much does Fuelman Maintenance cost?​

INCLUDED in packages: Plus, Premium, Pro & Enterprise.

ADD-ON for $2.99 per card per month: Customers on Regular package. Customers not on a package.

ADD-ON for $4.99 per enrolled vehicle per month: Customers on the Basic Package.

How will I be charged for services?

Approved services will be billed directly to your Fuelman fuel card so that all maintenance and fuel expenses are consolidated in one place and billed on one invoice.

Account Management

How do I set permissions to allow others to approve work?

Go to “Settings” and select the “Policies” tab.

Here you can edit and delete current policies.

To add a new policy, select the “Add New Policy” button at the top of the page.

Select the User to whom you are giving approval permission and the vehicle or vehicles the approval permission will cover. You can also set “Auto-approve” for certain services or monetary limits.

You have the ability to assign a maintenance policy for select services and/or up to a certain dollar amount. If left blank, the field will default to all. If you are focused on being cost-conscious, always set a limit on the dollar amount.

Select “Save” to turn on the policy for the selected vehicles.

I’m not seeing the shop I normally work with; can it be added?

Absolutely! We’re always adding new shops to our network. Just ask the shop owner to go to https://join.caradvise.com/shops and fill out an application form to begin the process.

How do I view how much I’ve spent on maintenance for a specific vehicle?

Go to “Services”, then “Past Services” and filter on a vehicle. You can even select a time range you’d like to view.

I’m getting too many/not enough text/email maintenance reminders. How do I better adjust my preferences?

Go to “Settings”, then “Users”. Select “Edit User” and select new notification preferences then select “Save”.

How do I cancel Fuelman Maintenance?

Contact 888-353-3899 to cancel.

Account Management

How do I access Fuelman Maintenance?

Access Fuelman Maintenance by logging in to your Fuelman account (https://driven.fleet-account.com/login/)  and selecting Fuelman Maintenance on the top of the page or by using the Fuelman Maintenance app.

How do I search shops?

Click on the shop icon, and enter either your address or your current location, or select from your “Saved Shops”.

How do I schedule service?

Log in to your Fuelman account, and navigate to Fuelman Maintenance. Select “Schedule Services”. Select the vehicle, shop, and services you want. You can even add a PO number or comments for the shop. Choose “Schedule Appointment” to select a date and time. Then select “Submit Service Request” to create the order.

How do I electronically approve work?

Authorized approvers should go to their Fuelman Maintenance dashboards. On your dashboard, select “Services” and then “Active Services”. Review orders awaiting approval, then select “Approve” for the work you wish to authorize.

A new screen will open, allowing you to review recommended services and pricing. You will have the option to approve all recommended services or to approve selected items line by line.

What happens when I decline work the shop recommends?

Any services you decline will be stored in your maintenance history. You can book the service at a later point if you desire.

What are favorite shops?

To save you time, you can designate shops you frequent most often as “favorites” by selecting the ★ icon next to the shop logo when searching for shops. These will be saved in your “Saved Shops” tab.

How do I add new users?

Go to “Settings” then select “Users”. Make sure to fill in all of the appropriate fields (name, email, phone, etc.) and select “Next”. At this point, you set up text message notifications which is VERY important if the user is going to have approval permissions. Once all is set up, select “Save”.

How do I view upcoming, past, and active services?

Go to “Services” and then use the tabs to navigate between the statuses. Here you will be able to view all services.

Can the drivers approve work on their phones?

Yes, if you’ve set a policy for the driver, the approvals will come directly to their phone.

Whom do I contact for support?

Please call 888-353-3899.